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Week 1

Tuesday 1/9 (Class 1)

First day! Got to know the professors and my peers. We had a debrief of the project and covered expectations, deadlines, and teams. Brainstormed ideas for my team's (Team Life) ad before being dismissed for the day.

Team Life:

Tempest Oh

Clara Perkins

Jerilyn Tennison

Amanda Rabade

Thursday 1/11 (Class 2)

Met the mentors! Discussed commercial ideas with Team Life and got approval from supervising professors. To Do List for the weekend:

Clean Boards, Add to refs and moodboards

sunday check in at 12PM EST

To Do List to prep for Class 3:

Clean up boards. Get more mood boards for pool party. Clean up/organize slides.

find references for lighting and texturingFX - pepsi splash, fizzy bubbles, ice fog (cold)

Submit .ppt into dropbox before 5pm Monday

Rehearse presentation after feedback Monday night.

Shot 01 - ice box at pool party location. Slow camera move towards ice box while dance music slowly increases in volume. Ice box lid moves with music bass as light and fog starts to come out. Lid flies open and huge flash of light transitions to inside ice box. [3D ice box integrated into live action clean plate]

Shot 02 - cuts to inside ice box, dance music continues and we see dancing peeps and Pepsi cans at a pool party inside the ice box. Bunny peep jumps off of a diving board into Pepsi can. Pepsi splashes and fizzy bubbles transition to multiple peeps following the original one. [fully 3D]

Shot 03 - cut to outside the ice box (birds eye view), music muffled, hand opens ice box to reveal it full of peeps and a Pepsi x peep can nestled in the center. Pepsi x peep logo fades in. [live action ice box clean plate, filled with peeps and pepsi in 3D]

Rough boards by Clara Perkins, Clean Boards by me


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