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Week 9

Tuesday 3/5 (Class17)

The mentors came to visit Savannah! It was such a wonderful experience to meet everyone and get to speak on them one on one. I had a group portfolio review with the mentors on Monday and received lots of valuable feedback on my demo reel.

Mentor Feedback:

  • Fix lighting direction in SH010 (light should be coming from top left corner)

  • Can shadows on ice box are too hot

  • Fix dark edges on tubes and cooler in SH010

  • Add extra fill light to SH010

  • Get ground reflections on cans in SH010

  • Use hue suppress node in Nuke to reduce green screen spill on ice box

  • Use AO for contact shadows and render a specular pass

  • Push the Peep pattern more on live action backgrounds

    • Add some texture to it to add believability

    • Match DOF

  • Add motion blur to confetti

  • Make confetti sliver

  • Finesse 3D edges in all 3D shots

  • All shots are overexposed

    • Get some midtones

  • Try to get 3 different levels of lighting

  • Push DOF in all shots

  • Play with idea of macro world

  • Ice is too sharp (needs to be blurred)

  • Add bokeh to ice in background of shots

  • Change rim direction on blue peeps in SH020

  • Use 1 light setup for everything

  • Screen right tubes in SH020 aren't sharp enough

  • Lower IOR of tubes

  • Concrete of diving board should be solid (remove gradient)

  • Bring confetti to SH020

  • Fix clamping issue

  • Darken lighting

  • Blur SH040 ice more and brighten

  • Match SH050 black levels of 3D elements to live plate

  • Blur cooler edges

  • Add motion blur to logo on lid

  • Stop overthinking comp

  • Update tube material from SH020 in all shots

  • Get sky HDRI

  • Add grain at the end of shots

Tuesday 3/7 (Class18)

Based off of the mentors feedback, I re-worked our schedule by shot so we could work on as much as we could before our final deadline for Week 10.


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