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Week 8

Tuesday 2/27 (Class15)

Mentor Feedback:

  • Get more product logos visible in SH010

  • SH010 shadows need to be softer and longer (look at product photography references from previous weeks)

  • Add more bubble variation (size)

  • Double check size of hero product in SH050

  • Update filler cans in SH050

  • Diffuse shadow in ice box

  • Ice feels dirty (adjust white values)

  • Keep working on camera moves for transitions (make edits simpler, just cut transitions)

  • Lighting is too ambient

    • Get more shadows on Peeps

    • Top down lighting in SH040

  • Framing too tight in SH010

  • Umbrella doesn't match (possibly remove)

  • Add condensation to cans in SH010

  • Fix DOF edges

  • Add more middleground items in SH020 for more depth

  • SH040 is too blue, water feels murky

  • Hold on lid close in SH050 & comp logo

  • Adjust frame so ice box handle is out of frame

  • Add peep pattern to background of live action plates

    • Leaving the background generic looks bad

  • Add more items in SH010

    • Empty peep box

    • Peeps on pool floats

  • Work on peep lighting & atmospheric perspective

  • Add more break up to the ground water

  • SH040 water color needs to match previous shots

  • Add subsurface scattering to peeps in SH040

  • SH050 should only have Peeps x Pepsi cans

    • Or keep the pool tube, remove the cans

  • Play with color in comp

    • Bring down the pink and blue to make the yellow stand out more

    • Use still from the Barbie Movie

  • Add gradient on ice box in SH020 (mimic sky)

    • Possibly use gobo

  • Make umbrellas white

  • Diving peeps in SH030 looks too flat

  • Check ray depth on bubbles

Professor Feedback:

  • Just get one frame looking good, then use that as reference for the rest of the shot

  • Have only 1 person work on a shot so it's not overwhelming

  • At a minimum, get a still frame of our goal to show the mentors in person

Thursday 2/29 (Class16)

This week our team downsized, which means we now have to learn a lot about compositing. Jerilyn and Tempest have been working on color grading and adding depth of field to our shots while i have been making last minute adjustments to lighting and shaders. My compositing assignment is to get our product logo onto the lid of the ice box in SH050.


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