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Week 7

Tuesday 2/20 (Class13)

Mentor Feedback:

  • Add more things in SH010 for more interest

    • Break up all the blue

    • The single peep anim is not enough

    • Use proxy geo for parallax

    • The weakest shot

  • Ice needs more integration in SH020

    • Needs central focus

    • Background elements stand out too much, make them bluer

    • Reduce Background highlights

  • Bubbles too big and uniform (needs more variety)

  • Add DOF in SH040

  • SH050 needs more integration (still looks like a slap comp)

  • Sugar gets lost in SH040

  • Pyro detail gets lost

  • Focus on lighting and DOF

  • More motion Blur

Professor Feedback:


  • Stop having multiple people work on the same shot (leads to inconsistencies, confusion and slows down production)

  • Follow established naming convention

  • Last chance to really improve SH010 before it gets cut

  • SH050 needs a lot of attention (comp)

  • No more render layers for SH040 (more of a hindrance than help)

  • Use sound to help gain interest in SH010

Thursday 2/22 (Class14)

After having a conversation with Professor Murphy, he shared some organizational tools with me to help get our team to our final goal. I used a simple Gantt Chart to get us started. Initially it was organized by artist, but after further discussion it was decided that organizing the chart by shot would be more effective.

After getting our schedule together, I got started on my tasks. I removed the distracting highlights from the ice box and I darkened the background elements behind the diving board. The next step for this shot is to make those same background elements bluer to blend in more with the ice box, add DOF and motion blur.




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