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Week 6

Tuesday 2/13 (Class11)

Mentor Feedback:

  • No point of interest in SH010

    • Needs drive to look in the cooler (possibly with lighting)

    • Not as lively

    • Something should come out of the cooler (dry ice FX, Peeps)

  • Enhancethe transition from SH010 to SH020

    • Do a crash zoom

    • Too jarring as is

    • Last frame should be all blue (to match the cooler) for a solid transition

  • More DOF

  • SH040 is too busy

    • Too many highlights

    • Cans too dark

    • Get sharper reflections

    • Peep reflections in cans

    • Pyro too dense

    • establish depth with Peeps

    • Peeps need more dimension (too flat)

  • Possibly add condensation on cans/ice/inside of cooler

  • Add motion blur

  • More separation between Peeps and can in SH050 (can should stand out more)

    • Letters on can should be legible

  • Use proxy geo to create shadow on Peeps in SH050

Professor Feedback:

  • Buy Pepsi can and Peeps for shader reference

  • Shots need to be isolated to one artist (too many cooks in the kitchen)

  • Get more slap comps done

  • Layout needs to be finalized ASAP

  • Pyro and Peeps need to be lit better in SH040

  • Live action shots need to look more cohesive with rest of ad.

  • SH040 stands out too much (update lighting and shaders to match previous shots)

Thursday 2/15 (Class12)

I worked on lighting the ice in SH030 more appropriaely so there's continuity from the previous shot and going into the next one. We got a lot of feedback on the Pepsi can in this shot being too washed out so I adjusted the lighting and shader to be more accurate.

Professor Feedback:

  • Get pipeline working

    • Need clear naming convention

    • Everyone needs to be clear on what they are working on

    • No more confusion with assembly cuts (not having the most up to date versions of shots)

  • Shaders need to be updated in all shots fro consistency

  • Adjust Peep animation in SH010

  • Too many filler assets in SH010 (taking away focus from cooler)


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