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Week 4

Tuesday 1/30 (Class7)

Updated Presentation!

Mentor Feedback:

  • Pyro FX feel delayed (go back to first iteration and work off that, try to slow it down)

  • Don't distort reality because of technical issues

  • Peeps can start is frame to help slow down overall velocity of pyro FX

  • Outdoor lighting is more interesting than studio lighting

  • Studio lighting has brighter colors

  • Get live action lighting closer to references

  • Break up the background in SH010

    • Needs a horizon line

    • Try color blocking

  • Shadow in SH010 is awkward, change direction

  • Assets look good

  • Get sugar in environment

  • add more assets in SH020 (beach chairs, umbrellas)

  • Line body of water with pool tiles

  • Maximize look of product

Professor Feedback

  • Collaborate with Team Death for ice asset and shader

  • Lighting needs to get figured out

  • Get more peeps in SH020 (try to make it look like a rager)

  • Animation needs to finish ASAP

Thursday 2/1 (Class8)

Work day. I was able to get more layout done for SH020 and keep adjusting shading and lighting to be brighter and more saturated. Worked with animator to fix up rig issues and continue with animating SH040.

Professor Feedback:

  • Keep colors bright and saturated

  • use light to guide the viewer

  • Get ice shader looking good


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