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Week 3

Tuesday 1/23 (Class5)

Presentations! We showed the mentors our progress from the week and got really great feedback.

Mentor Feedback:

  • Live action plates need to be more fun (look for a nicer background, possibly a picnic setting)

  • Remove all labels from the cooler

  • Maybe roto the background to be a solid color or matte painting

  • Lighting needs to make sense in live action shots (since they book end the ad, they will dictate how it looks)

  • 3/4 view of the cooler looks better

  • Look at product photography for reference

  • Studio lighting may be best

  • Fix framing for SH020 (try out different depths of field, and hint to the inside of the cooler)

  • Work on layout and lighting

  • Add party hats to the background

  • Try adding bubbles and sugar in SH040

Professor Feedback:

  • Continue to develop pre vis

  • finalize layout and narrative

  • Look for a Director of Photography

Thursday 1/25 (Class6)

Work day. I reached out to multiple sound designers to join our project and was able to recruit one! Meet the newest member of Team Life, Aidan Jones! He will be responsible for the sound in our ad.

After finishing the rigs for our bunny and chick peeps, I was working closely with Jerilyn on some asset textures that will be populating our ad. We want to make sure all the shaders look just right for our very graphic advertisement.


  • Render turnarounds for all assets to show off shaders and textures

  • Create an asset lineup to establish scale in our scene


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