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Week 2

Tuesday 1/16 (Class3)

Pitch proposals! Team Life proposed a Pepsi x Peeps collaboration ad.

Feedback from Mentors:

  • very graphic, motion media look

  • live action shot should be as graphic as possible (as to not clash)

  • make the camera move in shot 01 much subtler

  • the brown color of the soda is a concern (try adding lens flares, lights, or more bubbles to make it more appealing)

  • maintaining the color saturation of the peeps in the soda is also a concern

  • 60% of the frame needs to have the vibrant color

  • try to scale down the scope of the ad

  • get a better transition from shot 03 to 04

  • start on lighting ASAP

  • dry ice with the color palette coming out of ice box

  • splash/bubbles should be the main FX

  • simplify shot 01

  • light from the disco ball can change the color of the soda

Feedback from Professors:

  • avoid green screen comp if possible

  • don't end presentation on text!!

  • talk through pre vis

  • get 3D pre vis for next class

Thursday 1/18 (Class 4)

Work day. Got our story more solidified and got further with pre vis. I UV'd our peeps the Tempest modeled and rigged them today. now I am working on texturing them. Their sugary coating is going to be a challenge to get just right. So far, not much luck. I'm hoping to work with Jerilyn to get this looking better.


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